Travel related gifts available in the UK

Looking for travel related gifts that you can buy in the UK for the travel addicts in your life? I’ve got you covered with my 2018 traveller gift guide.

I’ve picked out practical gifts that people will actually use and steered clear of the high ticket items that most people can’t afford. All of these items are available in the UK, so you won’t have to pay huge postage charges or arrange a trip to the US to actually buy them.

Gifts Under £10

Lush Shampoo Bar £7.50 and Tin £2.50

Each of these little shampoo bars lasts as long as three 250g bottles of shampoo. Small, light, solid (so great for hand baggage), and great for any type of hair, there’s not much to go wrong with here. The little reusable tins are worth buying too for storing the shampoo bar between uses.

Check out Lush solid perfumes too – they’re fab!

Lush solid shampoos








Luggage Locks £9

These luggage locks* are perfect for securing bags and give a bit more piece of mind checking in bags. They’re TSA (US airport security) friendly too, so the TSA should be able to open them without breaking them.

Sleeping Mask £6 

Sleep is important and this sleep mask* is perfect for blocking out light whilst travelling and for sleeping in places where there is more light than you’re used to.

Lightweight Luggage Scale £8

This little luggage scale* has saved me around 20x it’s price in airline bag fees. A must have for anyone travelling by air.

Headphone Splitter £7

If you’re travelling with family, friends or a partner a headphone splitter* is a must have. And if you’re travelling solo you never know when you might want to share something with a new friend…

Gifts £10 – £20

Mini Portable Power Bank £15

A small portable power bank* is perfect for long journeys and for travelling in places where it might be hard to charge your phone for a while. I don’t carry a separate camera now, so I rely on my phone for all of my photos. This power bank has frequently given my phone the boost it needs so I can continue to snap away without worrying about the battery. Very small, light and powerful.

 Travel Towel £16 for XL  

Travel towels* are a godsend. They’re small, light, dry very quickly and the one I recommend is big enough to wrap yourself up in.

Lifestraw £20  

This little straw* is ingenious. It contains filters so you can safely drink water from places where it might not be (or definitely isn’t) clean. The same company also have a water bottle with the straw built in* so you can avoid buying bottled water and reduce the amount of plastic you’re throwing away.

Lonely Planet Books £7-£40

Lonely Planet* have a stunning range of travel and travel related books, way beyond their great guide books. If you’re buying for someone who loves coffee (and travelling) there’s the Global Coffee Tour*. There’s books for Epic Drives*, Epic Hikes* and Amazing Train Journeys*. Plus the gorgeous coffee table books like The Cities Book* for inspiration at home.

I’ve just checked their website today (5 December ’18) and they’ve got 33% off all products. Perfect!

Lonely Plant Global Coffee Tour Book







Mini Torch £12

A mini torch* is a must have to avoid stumbling around in areas with no lights and during power cuts, especially when you don’t want to use the light on your phone and use up the phone battery.

Travel Cord Organizer Bag £13  

I received a travel cord organizer bag* as a gift and didn’t think I’d use it. I was wrong. I’ve used it on every trip I’ve taken to keep the various cables, plugs and adaptors that I travel with in one place. No more tangled cables and I can quickly and easily find my phone charger and adaptor.

Gifts That Cost a Bit More…

Airport Lounge Access £15-£30  

Relaxing in an airport lounge is a great start to any trip and a gift voucher to treat someone makes a lovely Christmas present. No 1 Lounges is offering discounts on vouchers for lounge access until 31 December 2018. You can buy a voucher for a specific lounge or a voucher for a fixed value that can be used at any lounge in their network. No 1 have lounges at Heathrow T3 & T4, Gatwick North & South, Birmingham and Edinburgh.

No 1 Lounges UK Gift Vouchers





Kindle £120  

I always travel with my Kindle*. It saves huge amounts of space and weight in my bag and the Paperwhite version that I have has a great backlight for reading in dark places (like airplane cabins at night). Any traveller who enjoys reading will love a Kindle.

Noise Cancelling Headphones £60   

Noise cancelling headphones* are perfect for blocking out noise from screaming babies on long flights. They’ve saved my sanity more than once.

Pacsafe Portable Safe £65  

I always travel with this portable safe* so when there isn’t a safe in my room I can secure my valuables. It packs down flat, is very light, strong and water resistant.

Express VPN Subscription $8/month   

Access to a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is very useful when travelling. Not only does it encrypt data on open networks, for example in hotels or cafés, but it also gives access to websites and services that are blocked in some countries. It also means you can watch Netflix and other similar services using your UK account whilst outside the UK.

Express VPN* is one of the leaders in this field and offer a robust and fast network which works around the world.


Buying a gift for anyone who loves travelling shouldn’t be hard work. These practical travel related gifts will help make their trip easier or more memorable.

What are your favourite travel gifts? I’m always looking out for new ideas so share in the comments below.

The links with an * are affiliate links. At no additional cost to you I earn a small commission if you make a purchase through some of these links. This commission helps keep this site free. Please read my Affiliate Disclosure if you would like more information.


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