About Me

Travel further and more often than you ever thought possible

I’m guessing that if you’ve got to this page you enjoy travelling.

It might even be something you’re passionate about.

I’m thinking you’ve travelled in the past and that’s whet your appetite for more.

You’re excited to discover the world.

You’re ready to experience other cultures first hand.

But maybe you…

  • can never find flights to the place you really want to go to without an eye-watering price tag..

  • feel you are missing out on the lowest air fares to the best destinations…

  • are flexible about where you go and want some inspiration for a great trip that won’t break the bank.

The upshot is this:

You want to travel. You want to know about amazingly low priced air fares. I’m here to help you do that like you never thought possible.

I’m David and I’m OBSESSED with finding low priced air fares. Travel is a passion for me and the most expensive part of that passion is the air fare.

I started searching for bargain flights online so that I could travel further and more often. That was over 15 years ago and I’ve used my bargain flight finding skills to travel to 42 countries across 6 continents.

David Hall, Fabulous Flights

My family and friends soon cottoned on to what I was doing and started asking me to share the deals with them. So I did. And many of them have been on adventures they thought they’d only ever dream about.

Now I want share the best air fares I find with you, so you can travel further and more often than you ever thought possible.

I’m inviting you to join my email list community. After you sign up I’ll send you email alerts with the best, real, bookable air fares (mainly long haul flights but occasionally flights to Europe too).

And thank you for reading about me and what I can offer you. I really appreciate it and I hope I can help you take at least one amazing trip, and hopefully many more.