Travel Planning with Google

Google Flights has been one of my favourite travel planning tools for a few years now and is where I recommend you start your search when searching for a great value flight. Recently Google has added some new features to the flight search and some completely new tools to help with other parts of your travel planning.

Google Hotel Search

The biggest addition is the Google Hotel search where you can search for a hotel anywhere in the world, and filter and sort to find a great place to stay. The search works in a similar way to other hotel search sites and compares prices across a good range of hotel websites, including the hotel’s own website.

Google Hotels search

As with other Google tools, the search is fast and flexible. The hotel map includes information from Google Maps to help choose the best location for your stay. It also has reviews and ratings from Google and other travel sites including Trip Advisor, and Expedia.

Google Flights Search

The Google Flights search has been improved too with a new flight price indicator which shows whether the prices for your flights are low, average or high.

Google flight price indicator

If you’re flexible about where you go, the flight explorer has also been revamped. You can use this tool to search for the cheapest destinations on specific dates, with a map search to visualise what’s available. If you’re flexible about when you go, you can also choose a month and a trip length to see the best value flights. You can add in the usual Google Flights filters for the number of stops and airlines to see the flight prices you’re most interested in.

For example, say you want to get away for a week in September with non-stop flights from Manchester costing under £150 return. You can enter these details in the Google Flights Explorer and quickly see the destinations that match.

These new additions all make it easier to find good value flights and hotels, which is great news when you want to find the best prices possible for your trip.  


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